Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Hens Laying Eggs

Fitz and Lou are cute when they sit side-by-side in the nesting boxes.  See how puffed up they get while laying their eggs?
Here's Bruiser before laying her daily egg.  Does she look scornful?  I don't know why.  She had just chowed on spinach, yogurt, cooked eggs, and of course, some regular old egg-maker feed.
Bill was busy in the private nesting boxes.  She's been surprising me with a different nesting box every day.  The chickens usually use the same one over and over again.


Kim said...


I am Kim and I just spent a week at the Farmy in IL. C mentioned that Allison was coming and I was wondering if it was you. I just wanted to say hello and how funny it is that you are also a librarian! :) I had such a wonderful time. I hated to leave, actually. If this is you and you want to correspond a bit before you go, I thought I would get in touch. C didn't tell me your last name, I just saw your post on the Opportunities page and thought maybe you were the Allison she was referring to. I clicked on your blog and saw that you are from CO. I will be going out to visit my best friend in Longmont on July 1 for a week. I love your chicken coop. Did you build it or was it a kit? Have a great day!

allikpeters said...

Kim--I would love to chat with you! Another librarian--that is a coincidence! I can't wait to hear about your stay at the Farm. About the coop: my husband built 90% of it. I helped now and then. We had one piece built for us by a chicken coop builder--the reclaimed wood part where they sleep at night and have 4 nesting boxes. The girls are separated now because they are having a hard time getting along and I can't bear the fighting. Need to deal with it though... Please email me at