Monday, June 23, 2014

Moose Crossing

Papa Hen and I spent a weekend away from Red Door Coop.  We camped the shores of Lake Granby. On our last morning there we enjoyed an early morning hike around Monarch Lake.  We heard that hikers will sometimes encounter moose around the lake.  It was our lucky day!
This young fellow stepped out onto the hiking path about 30-feet ahead of us to munch on some leaves.  It was nerve-wracking (heart beating like crazy!) to be in the presence of such an enormous creature, and one of the most exciting moments we've ever had while hiking.  We then located a second moose off to our left and down the hill.  That one was also munching on leaves.  Breakfast.

After the hike, we zipped on home to find that the chickens were happy as can be in the care of our neighbors.  Thanks, neighbors!

The children's librarian in me can't help but recommend one of my my favorite early chapter books, Moose Crossing  by Stephanie Greene.  Funny stuff!

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